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SHEN Du / 沈度 (1414)  GiraffePainting / 瑞应麒麟图

Shen Du / 沈度 (1414) Giraffe Painting / 瑞应麒麟图

Shen Yuning / 沈玉宁, the editor of Kamusi Mpya ya Kiswahili-Kichina (Toleo kwenye Intaneti)1, is a graduate student just finished his thesis in University of Hamburg.

As a small personal initiative for translating knowledge, the Swahili-Chinese Dictionary Project started at the end of 2011. The project was funded for one and a half years mainly through grant writing in weibo and later on by some close friends of the editor. The finished manuscript, however had no fortune to be published in China. In early 2014, the editor decided to upload parts of the manuscript because of bad funding situation at that time.


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